2023 Reading Challenge – WINNERS!

GSHE’s 2023 Reading Challenge was a big success! We had 25 families and 38 children participate. Through the whole year, they read 109 books!

Because we want to support young readers, we expanded the awards to the top seven participating children, instead of four as originally promised. Each family was contacted by GSHE and will receive a $25 for each child. Our winners are:

Ariana P

Sofia P

Austin F

Sophia K

Cynthia P

Garrick P

Lou V


Although GSHE is not hosting another reading challenge this year, families are welcome to continue on their own. Monthly challenges are listed here so you can continue to explore new books, authors, and genres and keep the fun going.


January – a classic book

February – two parts: a book that is a play or adapted to a play or movie, then watch the show

March – fairy tales

April – poetry

May – an award-wining book

June/July – a comedy

August – a story set in a different time period

September – a collection of short stories

October – a mystery

November – a book or manual about something you want to learn

December – repeat your favorite challenge

Thank you to all that joined GSHE’s reading challenge! We hope it was a great experience and fun for the whole family.