Most states, including NH, consider distance (online) learning as homeschooling, even if it is full-time in an accredited program. College Board, the organization that issues the SAT exam and Advanced Placement program, follows this same standard. This is because these programs are not approved or reviewed by the states' departments of education.

Full-time enrollment in the Virtual Learning Academy Charter School (VLACS) is not homeschooling as it is a NH-based chartered public school. However, students may be considered homeschoolers if their enrollment in VLACS is part-time. VLACS typically requires prospective full-time students to temporarily enroll as homeschoolers for a short period prior to being accepted. Please see our additional information about VLACS if this applies to your student.

There are thousands and thousands of online education providers. Some offer individual classes while others offer entire curricula across grade levels. You can find many listed on our High School & Beyond page.