GSHE is Focused on Home Educating Families

The confusion, misinformation, and misunderstandings continue, so to be abundantly clear, GSHE is neutral to the Education Freedom Account (EFA). It is simply not our scope of work; we are focused on the independent, unfunded home ed community as defined in state law RSA 193-A. Our resources are available to everyone, but our advocacy and supports are focused on families that use this particular educational pathway.

The term "homeschool" has become generic in the way that "kleenex" and "bandaid" are commonly used today. As we have continually said, families may "homeschool" in a variety of ways, but there remain four distinct educational pathways defined in NH law, and GSHE is focused on 193-A home education.

We have always supported parents making decisions that work for their kids, and the EFA can make a difference.

However, that doesn't mean that GSHE is responsible for the customer service, marketing, or vendor support services. That is the work of the Children's Scholarship Fund NH (CSFNH). Contact them for these issues. They are the managing organization and have staff to help.

Families can make different choices for their children. Different doesn't mean something is bad or wrong. But stop expecting GSHE to be something we're not.