We encourage families and community members to be engaged in education discussions; your voice is critical! It is important for your friends, neighbors, and the broader New Hampshire community to hear from families about the benefits and impact of home education.


What can you do to make a difference? 

Some of the efforts are quick and easy; some require more time and effort. Do what you can, when you can. It all adds up. We are also here to help! Contact us at info@GraniteStateHomeEducators.org anytime.

If you have a few minutes:

  • Subscribe to our newsletter. It’s easy! A pop-up window will appear when you visit our website. This does not require wading through social media to search for information, news, and resources.
  • Like our Facebook Page and follow us on Twitter for the latest stories and information regarding home education in New Hampshire and around the country.
  • Share our articles and social media posts with your friends and networks. This is an easy way to reach out and engage more people.
  • Join our main Facebook Group where we have a community of nearly 5,600 people from around the state. It is where you can go for support, answers, encouragement, as well as educational and social opportunities for your family. We have additional groups listed on our website so you can find your "tribe."
  • Join our GSHE Action Group that is specifically for discussing news, issues, and other topics that directly impact home-education freedom. It is open to GSHE families and supporters, not legislators or special-interest organizations so we can more privately discuss issues within our community.
  • Encourage friends to join our community if they are searching for a stable education that fits their children’s needs and goals.
  • Share your story in writing, or as a video or audio recording. It is a powerful way to share your personal message. This helps encourage families who may not already know homeschoolers or know where to find community. Cell phones and other devices make it easy! Contact us for more information.

If you have one hour:

  • Draft an op-ed or commentary to send to the media. We can help you craft your message and connect with local and state media outlets, including the Union Leader or Concord Monitor.
  • Draft an editorial for us to share through GSHE’s network. We have an extensive reach.
  • Call or email the House and Senate education committee members regarding home education legislation. Their recommendations are very influential when they vote on the House or Senate floors. Legislation is usually won or lost in committee. We have their contact information available here and the legislative process is described here.
  • Call or email your state representatives and senator on important bills.  We cover home education legislation very closely and analyze relevant bills. We give you the what, when, and where so you can be well informed and engage in meaningful discussions.

If you have one day/evening:

  • Submit testimony for education hearings at the local and state level. Follow the education issues in your town by following your local school board as well as the legislation in Concord. If you have something to add to the discussion, prepare comments for the meeting or hearing.
  • Follow other state agencies, including the Home Education Advisory Council (HEAC), the state Board of Education, and Executive Council. They are influential bodies on state policy that impact home education.
  • Learn how to be an effective advocate in Concord. Our video explains how to track legislation, give powerful testimony, and build a community around the issues and bills that matter to you.

If you want additional information on any of the above efforts, or want to be part of the GSHE team, please contact us at info@GraniteStateHomeEducators.org.

Make a difference!