• Age 0-3    Early Intervention
  • Age (3+1day) to 6 as of Sept 30 (compulsory age in NH)      School District
  • Age 6+ as of Sept 30     Private; YMMV with district but they do not legally need to provide services to homeschoolers

Federal law requires all school districts to identify and evaluate any child in their area who may qualify for special education services. (Child Find)

**Note** If you do need to request this from your district, do not “ask about getting services” as this will end up with you in the Child Find database, not action. Send a certified letter stating “This is a formal referral for special education services by (Doctor/therapist)”.  They have 10 days to respond to a formal referral. Your primary care provider might have one of these available to fill out and send.

The district may provide various services under RSA 189:49 Child Benefit Services.

You have the right to homeschool your special needs child. IEP services end when you withdraw your child from the school. Ask them to keep the IEP open and on file. (They do not need to do this) They may send you a form to sign officially ending the IEP and services.

You can still follow some of the accommodations and use it as your SEP (Student Education Plan) offers consulting services. has an article “How to use an IEP for a homeschool student with special needs” with great information.


Private Services

We recommend using private services if at all possible. An evaluation and services offered privately are going to be much more thorough and helpful in a homeschool environment. Public school evaluators and therapists are geared toward a public school setting, which is a completely different educational model. GSHE has a list of private providers that are recommended by other NH homeschooling families.

Please see New Hampshire Family Voices for a resource list (153 pages!) called “Maneuvering Through the Maze” of birth and up ideas, tips, address and phone numbers of providers, assistance programs, etc.


Financial assistance

DHHS Bureau of Special Medical Services- (birth -21) health programs, services and financial assistance

NH Partners in Health- children with chronic health conditions

High Hope Foundation-Keene,

Lucas’ Helping Hands- Rochester,

Annie’s Angels-

Harry Gregg Foundation-


Where do I start?

Start wherever your child is at developmentally, not by age or grade level.

Incorporate life skills and therapeutic goals into your homeschool program.

Use the scheduling model that works best for your child and your family.


Curriculum Suggestions


Dianne Craft Foundations for Learning

Little Giant Steps

Equipping Minds

Stages Learning Materials

Child Diagnostics

Retrain the Brain

MyKey Plans

JD Educational (preschool)

Cross Seven Ventures (musical memory work)

Kred Rewards (motivation based)

Family Pastime Co-operative Games

Curriculum for Autism

And Next Comes L

Autism Helper

Mosswood Connections (Nonverbal autism homeschool program)




Touch Math

Rightstart Math

Right Brain Math

Life of Fred

Math Seeds



Teaching Textbooks

Mr.D Math

Shiller Math

Remedia Publications

Key to Math


Teachers Pay Teachers


Language Arts

All About Learning Press

Child 1st Publications


The Struggling Reader

Watch My Words

Read Naturally

Remedia Publications

Reading Eggs

Barton Reading

Reading Horizons



Toe by Toe

PRIDE reading program

Word Wasp

Sequential Spelling

Spelling Connections

Stevenson Learning Skills


Maloney Method

Apples and Pears

Rooted in Language

Teachers Pay Teachers

Gander Publishing, Visualizing and Verbalizing

Five Senses Literature Lessons

Happy Cheetah



Handwriting Without Tears

A Reason for Handwriting

No Frills Handwriting


Teachers Pay Teachers


All Subjects

So Happy to Learn

Memoria Press (Christian Classical)

True North Homeschool Academy (Christian)

Academic Warriors

Veda Junction

FundaFunda Academy


Kirkwood Academy



Occupational and Physical Therapy

The OT Toolbox

The Inspired Treehouse

Miss Jamie OT

Mama OT

Therapy Fun Zone

Therapy Street for Kids

OT Mom Learning Activities

Your Therapy Source Blog

Different by Design Learning

Equipping Minds

Teachers Pay Teachers


Speech Therapy

Speech Sprouts Therapy

Super Star Speech

Mommy Speech Therapy

Equipping Minds

Playing with Words 365

Home Speech Home

Speech 2U

Speech Box

The Dabbling Speechie

Teaching Talking

Speech and Language Kids

Speech and Language at Home

Speech Therapy Talk

Speech Buddies

Teachers Pay Teachers


Life Skills

Skill Trek

Autism Homeschool Mama Social Skill Kits

The Etiquette Factory

Overcoming Obstacles

Attainment Company

Teachers Pay Teachers