National student achievement tests are one of the ways to fulfill the annual assessment requirement. Students are expected to demonstrate "progress commensurate with age, ability, and/or disability" per RSA 193-A. As of 2012 annual assessments are not required to be submitted to the Participating Agency, but results should be kept with the student's portfolio for a minimum of two years. The law was changed in June 2022 to remove the requirement to score at or above the 40th percentile on a composite score.

Some families utilize national student achievement tests to determine placement levels at the beginning of their home education program or the start of their academic year. This is optional and not part of NH's homeschool requirements.

Home educators may choose from a number of national achievement tests such as Basic Achievement Skills Inventory (SASI), the California Achievement Test (CAT), the Stanford Test, the Iowa Basic Skills Test (ITBS), the Personalized Achievement Summary System (PASS), the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP), the Classic Learning Test, the TerraNova, and others. There are different types of tests -- some are online and others are paper/pencil; some are timed and others aren't; some require a proctor but many don't; some are aligned to Common Core while others are not; and the range of subjects covered vary by test. Consult the providers' website for more information.

Families also have the option to have their home educated children participate in the statewide assessment administered by their local public schools at no cost. Please contact your district office well in advance if you wish to pursue this option.

Below is a list of some, but not all, of the various providers; more can be found online. This is not an endorsement or recommendation of any particular test or provider.


A Beka Testing

Academic Excellence

Affordable Homeschool Testing Services, LLC

Bayside School Services

BJU Press

Brewer Testing Services

Christian Liberty

Crosspointe Educational Services

Family Learning Organization

Hewitt Homeschooling Resources

Homeschool Testing Services

Piedmont Education Services

Royal Academy Education

Seton Testing Service

Thurber's Educational Assessments, LLC

Triangle Education Assessments


Group Testing Options

Classical Conversations

Classic Learning Test (CLT)



Teachers and librarians are often  acceptable proctors for various exams. Our list of teacher evaluators indicate if they also provide proctor services.


If you are a teacher or certified proctor and would like to be added to our list, please contact us at