In New Hampshire the age of compulsory school attendance is six (as of September 30) to 18. Within five days of starting a home ed program, parents or guardians are required to notify their intent to homeschool one time per child, not annually, to one of three Participating Agency options:

  1. their local SAU office
  2. a private school that offers these  services or
  3. the Department of Education

The NH Department of Education issued a technical advisory in September 2018 and another in September 2020 clarifying the requirements of Participating Agencies regarding home education programs.

Local SAUs are required to offer Participating Agency services to home educators in their districts at no fee. The NH Department of Education also does not charge fees for this service.

Alternatively, nonpublic/private schools offer distance between the student’s personal information and the state. One reason this separation is valued by many families is because districts and the state maintain a student database. Home educated students may be included in the student database when they participate in classes, extra curriculars, or statewide assessments.

Private schools typically charge a fee and may offer additional optional services including field trips, transcript services, sports participation, graduation ceremonies, and more.

Homeschool families may work with any school that offers Participating Agency services and are not limited to ones in their local area.

Below is a list of private schools that offer Participating Agency services to the homeschool community. Contact the schools directly for more information.

The notification letter must contain the following information as specified in RSA 193-A:5 II for each child who is beginning a home education program:

  • the children's names
  • addresses
  • birth dates
  • parent(s)' name(s)
  • date the home ed program will begin
  • signature of the parent(s)

As of May 2006, it is no longer required to include curriculum or scope and sequence information. It is also not required to provide the child’s grade level, language spoken at home, local district assigned school, or race.

To file notification, families may...

The PA must send an acknowledgement letter within 14 days of receiving the notification. Note that it should not be specific to a single year because home ed law changed in 2012 to require one-time only notification.

It is very important to save copies of both letters, the notification and acknowledgement letter from your PA, as a precaution against truancy or educational neglect concerns; they may be used as proof that your family is complying with compulsory attendance and home education laws.

You do not need to wait until you receive the acknowledgement letter from your selected PA to begin your home ed program; you can begin immediately.

This 2020 technical advisory from the NH Department of Education underscores the Participating Agency legal requirements.

Families should notify their Participating Agencies if they move or end their home education program prior to the student turning 18 or completes the equivalent of high school (graduates). If the student graduates and is not yet 18, the state Department of Education must be notified. The NH DOE has a sample self-certification form, and GSHE created a sample high school graduation letter. Families are strongly advised to keep a record and consider sending it certified mail.

Any private school may serve as a Participating Agency to the homeschool community. They do not need to register with the department to provide these services. Participating Agencies are required to keep count of how many "school aged" children file a home education notification with them. The only reporting requirement is to notify the state DOE by October 1st of each year of the number of students for which they provide PA services -- they do not need to supply birth dates, grade levels, names of individual children, share copies of the notification, or other details. In order to protect their homeschooling families' privacy, they should not share more than required.

We compiled more information for schools that may wish to consider offering Participating Agency services to the homeschool community. Interested schools can contact GSHE at

This list is not an endorsement or recommendation of any school.

Crossroads Christian School
43 Atwood Road
Pelham, NH 03076

Harkness House
410 Amherst Street #150
Nashua, NH 03063

Mount Royal Academy
26 Seven Hearths Lane
Sunapee, NH 03782

Tabernacle Christian School
242 Derry Road
Litchfield, NH

Tri-City Christian Academy
150 West High Street
Somersworth, NH 03878