Deschool and Refresh

You can deschool and hit the refresh button at any time! Here's the GSHE video on deschooling and ideas to recharge your children's learning.

  • Take a day off the academics to pursue something else you enjoy.
  • Meet up with friends for an outing at a favorite museum or plan a field trip together.
  • Bake cookies or a special meal with the kids.
  • Visit your local library to take out a new book or participate in one of their many events.
  • Read a book with the kids; they're never too old for read-alouds.
  • Play board games together.
  • Build an indoor fort with blankets.
  • Organize a nerf battle, hiking excursion, or nature scavenger hunt.
  • Sow seeds for your garden - here are easy ones to grow in a cup and more suggestions.
  • Visit a game shop, video arcade, climbing wall, or trampoline park.
  • Plan a service project to help people in your community -- senior centers, food pantries, animal shelters, and other orgs are always looking for assistance.

If you want to expand the opportunity, make a Facebook event in our main group that has nearly 7,000 members as a way to meet people and make new friends!

What are your favorite ways to take a break and restart?