Home educators must perform a year-end assessment of some kind and teacher evaluations is one of the available options. New Hampshire certified teachers, someone with reciprocal certification, or a teacher currently teaching in a nonpublic school may perform a homeschool year-end evaluation. These assessments typically include a review of the portfolio including work-product samples from the year such as worksheets, writing samples, videos, computer programs, tests, creative pieces, field trip records, and fine-arts performances. Students must achieve "progress at a level commensurate with the child's age and ability" per RSA 193-A. This can be particularly favorable for unschoolers and students with special needs. The evaluation must be signed by parents to be considered complete, so do not sign it unless it is acceptable. Again, keep a copy with the student's records for a minimum of two years. Note that school districts cannot demand to review the student's records, but they may be required for participation in school-sponsored activities, course placement, or proof against educational neglect.

Some standardized tests have particular requirements for administering their exams, such as it being proctored by a non-family member with particular certifications or designations. Some of the individuals and organizations on this list may be willing to serve as proctors; contact them for more information.

It is important to find an evaluator or tutor who understands and supports your family's particular home education approach. Families should contact evaluators well in advance to know what information and documentation are requested, the cost, availability, and to confirm credentials.

With the growing interest in home-based learning communities, including homeschool pods and microschools, we are adding more education professionals who offer various tutoring services.

This list is not an endorsement or recommendation of any particular individual, organization, teacher, tutor, or evaluation method. Some of the people and organizations listed below offer additional services such as exam proctoring and tutoring.

If you are a teacher or tutor and would like to be added to our list, please contact us at info@granitestatehomeeducators.org.

Karina Allayne
Greentwist Acres
Email: Karinaallayne@yahoo.com
Phone: 603-769-0302
Region: throughout NH

Bethany Barnosky
Candlestar Educational Services
Email: brb@candlestarservices.com
Phone: 603-924-0130
Region: throughout NH
Evaluator and tutor

Kathleen Beliveau
Email: kcaroleb@gmail.com
Phone number: 603-497-3737
Region: southern NH
Evaluator and proctor

Amy Bodell
Email: skiamy99@gmail.com
Phone number: 603-986-4848
Region: Manchester and surrounding areas
Tutor, special education, middle and high school specialty, academic coaching

Aissa Boduch
Email: aissaboduch@gmail
Region: Seacoast

Sarah Boucher, M.Ed.
Email: sarahboucher82@gmail.com
Phone: 443-690-4803
Region: Fremont area
Evaluator, tutor, consultant K-5

Kira Brewster
Email: tutorinnh@yahoo.com
Phone: 603-315-1154
Region: southern NH
Evaluator, proctor, tutor and consultant

Hilary Camire
Email: HilaryCamire@gmail.com
Phone number: 603-953-5409
Region: Rochester area
string instrument teacher, NH certified

Carol Carey
Email: HopeEducationServices@gmail.com or CarolCarey1@gmail.com
Phone number: 603-485-2525
Region: southern NH

Linda Connors
Email: connorslin@comcast.net
Region: southern NH
Evaluator and proctor

Robert Daniel
Email: misterlearn@yahoo.com
Phone number: 818-599-7564
Region: Southern NH, particularly Manchester
Tutor and proctor

Sandy Drexler
Email: sdrexler604@gmail.com
Phone number: 352-376-4853
Evaluator and proctor, special needs

Cheryl and Tony Franz
Seacoast Tutoring in Seabrook
Email: tfranz1221@gmail.com
Phone number: 646-515-8291
Region: Seacoast
Tutor and curriculum consulting

Christine Greenwood
Email: mrschristinegreenwood@gmail.com
Region: Southern NH
Evaluator and tutor

Alicia Mazzuchelli Harressey
Email: aharressey@comcast.net
Phone number: 603-644-3307
Evaluator and tutor

Nicole Hawksley
Email: sensationalstudents@gmail.com
Phone: 603-686-9317
Region: Seacoast
Evaluator and tutor

Lisa Hill
Email: ljhill723@aol.com
Phone number: 603-217-0243
Region: Grafton, Belknap and Merrimack counties

Lisa Khalafi
Email: literacylinksnh@gmail.com
Phone number: 603-540-7714
Region: statewide, remote and in-person
Evaluator, tutor, reading and dyslexia supports

Kourtney LaFavre
Email: hello@kourtneylafavre.com
Phone: 603-730-7730
Region: Throughout New Hampshire

Josh Levell
Email: levell.laoshi@gmail.com
Region: Lakes Region and Concord area in-person or anywhere online
English, Math, Mandarin, and Japanese tutor

Jessica Locke
Email: jylheartssoccer@yahoo.com
Phone: 603-393-4649
Region: Wolfeboro and surrounding areas

Mark Luongo
Mark Luongo Music Lessons
Email: markluongo@hotmail.com
Region: online
music lessons

Joanne Lowe
Email: kelnjel2@gmail.com
Region: Concord area and Lakes Region
Evaluator, proctor, and tutor

Kim McCarty
Email: kimmccartyrandf@gmail.com
Phone: 601-480-5858
Region: Seacoast
Evaluator, tutor

Heidi Paquette
Email: learningcreativelynh@gmail.com
Phone: 603-534-5194
Region: Seacoast
Evaluator, Orton Gillingham Tutor, Special Educator

Sam Partyka
Email: srpartyka@gmail.com
Phone Number: 857-272-1471
Piano teacher

Diana Paul
Email: dipaul85@gmail.com
Region: Lakes region and surrounding areas

Marisa Reed
Email: mararejoy@yahoo.com
Phone: 603-969-4649
Region: Seacoast
Evaluator, Orton Gillingham tutor

Sarah Rice, M.Ed.
Email: learnwithrice@gmail.com
Phone number: 717-823-7413
Region: Seacoast and Lakes Region
Evaluator, proctor, and tutor

Leigh Schick (Tellier)
Email: leighannsea@gmail.com
Phone number: 603-767-9669
Region: Seacoast
Evaluator, tutor

Jessicah Seaman
Email: ajseaman@myfairpoint.net
Region: Derry and local area

Barbee Sullivan
Email: beeteacherabe@gmail.com
Phone number: 603-716-4975
Evaluator, proctor, and tutor

Diane Slyman
Email: disly65@gmail.com
Phone number: 603-493-4841
Region: Monadnock area, New Ipswich, and online

Nicole Tobey
Email: tutoringbynicole@hotmail.com
Region: Milford and surrounding areas
Language arts, math, and study skills for Kindergarten through 6th grade

Nicole Vanderheiden
Email: coleyv4@gmail.com
Phone number: 617-895-7234
Region: Seacoast
Orton Gillingham tutor

Allison Wasson
Email: awasson1024@gmail.com
Phone number: 603-767-5301
Region: Seacoast

Katie Webster
Email: katie03076@yahoo.com
Phone Number: 603-635-2086
Region: Southern NH
Evaluator and tutor

Christy Whipple
Email: misschristy@newportmontessori.org
Phone number: 603-863-2243 or 603-863-2438
Region: Lakes Region
Evaluator and proctor

Melissa Wolfe, M.Ed.
Email: wolfeeducationservices@gmail.com
Region: Seacoast and online
Tutor, special education