Home educators must perform an annual assessment of some kind and teacher evaluations is one of the available options. New Hampshire certified teachers, someone with reciprocal certification, or a teacher currently teaching in a nonpublic (private) school may perform a homeschool annual evaluation. These assessments typically include a review of the portfolio including work-product samples from the year such as worksheets, writing samples, videos, computer programs, tests, creative pieces, field trip records, and fine-arts performances.

Students must achieve "progress at a level commensurate with the child's age, ability, and/or disability" per RSA 193-A updated as of June 2022. This can be particularly favorable for unschoolers and students with special needs. The evaluation must be signed by parents to be considered complete, so do not sign it unless it is acceptable. Keep a copy with the student's portfolio for a minimum of two years.

Note that school districts cannot demand to review the student's records, but they may be required for participation in school-sponsored activities, course placement, or proof against educational neglect. The child's portfolio remains the private property of the family.

It is important to find an evaluator who understands and supports your family's particular home education approach. Families should contact evaluators well in advance to discuss the teacher's experience and specialities, evaluation process, cost, availability, and to confirm credentials. This site also shows which states have reciprocity with an interstate agreement program. It is also an opportunity to have any particular questions addressed which may be particularly important if your child has a learning disability.

Evaluations include a review of the child's portfolio and mementos from the school year such as playbills, records from sports programs, field trips, creative materials, and other work-product samples, and may include interviews with the parent or student. There is no required form. Teachers may develop their own evaluation form and GSHE prepared a simple template that may be used.  Teacher may also provide additional feedback, recommendations, and suggestions for the next academic year. At a minimum, the evaluation must contain the following:

  • The name and address of the teacher, including state recognized documentation of certification or the name and address of the nonpublic school at where the evaluator currently teaches
  • The date(s) on which the evaluation(s) took place
  • A description of the work reviewed
  • A summary of the child’s educational progress in the home education program concluding with a statement that the child has or has not made educational progress
  • The signatures of the teacher and the parent

If you choose to administer a standardized tests, some have particular requirements for administering their exams, such as it being proctored by a non-family member with particular certifications or designations. Some of the individuals and organizations on this list may be willing to serve as proctors; contact them for more information. Many local libraries offer proctoring services at no charge; contact your library for more information. We know Exeter Public Library, as well as others, are happy to make the necessary arrangements for resident families.

This list is not an endorsement or recommendation of any particular individual, organization, teacher, tutor, or evaluation method. Some of the people and organizations listed below offer additional services such as exam proctoring and tutoring.

If you are a teacher or tutor and would like to be added to our list, please contact us at info@granitestatehomeeducators.org.

Karina Allayne
Greentwist Acres
Email: Karinaallayne@yahoo.com
Phone: 603-769-0302
Region: throughout NH

Joshua Avery
Email: joshuaavery1993@gmail.com
Phone: 603-513-8823
Region: Concord and surrounding area, online

Virginia Avery, M.Ed.
Email: vavery224@gmail.com
Region: Rockingham County in-person, statewide online
Evaluator specializing in elementary and spec ed, and proctor

Bethany Barnosky
Candlestar Educational Services
Email: brb@candlestarservices.com
Phone: 603-924-0130
Region: throughout NH
Evaluator and tutor

Kathleen Beliveau
Email: kcaroleb@gmail.com
Phone number: 603-497-3737
Region: southern NH
Evaluator and proctor

Janine Bibeau, M.Ed.
Little Otters Program
Email: littleottersprogram@gmail.com
Region: Strafford and Rockingham County in-person, statewide online
Evaluator, tutor, and consultant K-3

Annika Blumenthal, M.Ed.
Blume Educational Services
Email: annika@blumeeducationalservices.com
Phone: 603-786-7399
Region: Greater Concord area and statewide online
Evaluator and tutor with specialty in learning disabilities, reading, math, and writing

Aissa Boduch
Email: aissaboduch@gmail
Region: Seacoast

Kira Brewster
Email: tutorinnh@yahoo.com
Phone: 603-315-1154
Region: southern NH
Evaluator, proctor, tutor and consultant

Hilary Camire
Email: HilaryCamire@gmail.com
Phone number: 603-953-5409
Region: Rochester area
string instrument teacher, NH certified

Marie Caswell
Email: mcaz1003@gmail.com
Phone number: 603-969-3088
Region: Seacoast, NH
Evaluator, tutor, and proctor

Laura Chesney
Email: lchesney1012@gmail.com
Region: Derry, Salem, and Windham areas and online
Evaluator with specialties in elementary education, special education, and learning disabilities (only summer 2023)

Michael Conley
Email: michaelconley56@gmail.com
Phone number: 603-249-9560
Region: Monadnock and southern NH
Evaluator, tutor, NH and MA certified, specialty with executive functioning, reading, and math through Algebra II

Linda Connors
Email: connorslin@comcast.net
Region: southern NH
Evaluator and proctor

Nicole Cotnoir
Email: ncotnoir.ltr@gmail.com
Phone: 603-340-5015
Region: Concord and surrounding areas, online
Evaluator, tutor, speech language pathologist, specialty in dyslexia

Sarah B. Couturier
Email: couturier_sarah@yahoo.com
Phone: 603-707-6944
Region: Grafton county, northern NH and throughout NH online
Evaluator, special education, tutor, consultant K-5

Heather Day
Email: heatherfield33@gmail.com
Phone: 603-520-7436
Region: greater Concord and Lakes region

Maria Del Rossi
For the Love of Learning
Email: info@lovelearningnh.com
Phone: 603-287-1838
Region: Monadnock and southern NH
Tutor and instructor for K-5, consultant

Jennifer Doherty
Email: jenndoherty78@yahoo.com
Region: Greater Concord area, southern NH, and Lakes region
Evaluator and tutor

Sandra Drexler
Email: sdrexler604@gmail.com
Phone: 352-376-4853
Evaluator and proctor, special ed

Kim Fischer
LTR Tutoring Associates
Email: kcarbonneau.ltr@gmail.com
Phone: 603-396-6539
Region: Greater Concord area and online
Evaluator, tutor, and proctor, elementary and special ed

Cheryl and Tony Franz
Seacoast Tutoring in Seabrook
Email: tfranz1221@gmail.com
Phone number: 646-515-8291
Region: Seacoast
Tutor and curriculum consulting

Heather Geaslen
Email: heather.joyfulmother@gmail.com
Phone number: 603-834-5791
Region: Seacoast
OG literacy tutoring and executive function coaching

Christine Greenwood
Email: mrschristinegreenwood@gmail.com
Region: Southern NH
Evaluator and tutor

Stacey Baker (NH certified) s.baker@theharknesshouse.org
Nathan Fellman (NH certified) n.fellman@theharknesshouse.org
Jean Demers  j.demers@theharknesshouse.org
The Harkness House
Phone number: 603-316-6444
Region: southern NH and online
Evaluators, tutors, proctors

Alicia Mazzuchelli Harressey
Email: aharressey@comcast.net
Phone number: 603-644-3307
Evaluator and tutor

Nicole Hawksley
Email: sensationalstudents@gmail.com
Phone: 603-686-9317
Region: Seacoast
Evaluator and tutor

Lisa Hill
Email: ljhill723@aol.com
Phone: 603-217-0243
Region: Lakes Region

Rachel Hill
Email: rachelhill78@gmail.com
Phone: 603-560-4748
Region: southern NH, Salem and Nashua areas
Evaluator, tutor, and proctor

Nikki Ignacio
New Horizons Homeschooling
Email: newhorizonshomeschooling@yahoo.com
Phone: 978-337-9779
Region: southern NH and online
K-8 and spec ed evaluator and proctor

Richard Kahn
Email: nv1z@comcast.net
Phone: 617-794-0007
Region: southern NH

Kira Kangas
Email: kirakangas5@gmail.com
Phone: 603-242-5254
Region: Cheshire County

Sarah Keith
Woodson's Acorns
Email: woodsonsacorns@gmail.com
Phone number: 603-686-6064
Region: Monadnock Region

Lisa Khalafi
Email: literacylinksnh@gmail.com
Phone number: 603-540-7714
Region: statewide, remote and in-person
Evaluator, tutor, reading and dyslexia supports

Jennifer Kone, M.Ed.
Email: jen.kone.728@gmail.com
Region: Greenville and surrounding areas, and online
Evaluator, reading tutor

Mark Lacasse
Email: Markdlacasse@gmail.com
Phone number: 603-494-4208
Region: central and southern NH

Josh Levell
Email: levell.laoshi@gmail.com
Region: Hillsborough and Newport areas in-person or anywhere online
English, Math, Mandarin, and Japanese tutor

Heidi Lewis
Lewis Learning
Email: heidilewislearning@gmail.com
Phone: 603-534-5194
Region: Rochester and Dover areas
Evaluator, Orton Gillingham Tutor, special education

Heather Libby
Email: hmwilson04@aol.com
Phone: 603-345-0451
Region: Monadnock and Hillsborough counties in-person, and online statewide

Jessica Locke
Email: jylheartssoccer@yahoo.com
Phone: 603-393-4649
Region: Wolfeboro and surrounding areas

Joanne Lowe
Email: kelnjel2@gmail.com
Region: Concord area and Lakes Region
Evaluator, proctor, and tutor

Angela Lyons
Email: angelalyons213@gmail.com
Region: Monadnock area

Jason MacLeod
Phone: 540-446-3361
Region: Southeastern NH, greater Manchester area
American/European/Classical/Church History and Latin tutor

Debbie McGeehan
More Than Tutoring
Email: debbie.mdgeehan@gmail.com
Phone: 603-660-9009
Region: throughout NH
Tutor and executive function skills coach

Kitty Michelotti
Email: zitem36@gmail.com
Phone: 970-556-0016
Region: Greater Derry area

Angela Najem
Email: homegrownnajems@gmail.com
Region: Seacoast and online

Lisa Neslusan
Email: kvetina7@yahoo.com
Phone: 323-440-1902
Region: Stratford and Rockingham Counties in-person or anywhere online

Diana Paul
Email: dipaul85@gmail.com
Region: Lakes region and surrounding areas

Reading Foundation
Phone: 603-882-0992
Region: greater Amherst

Marisa Reed
Email: mararejoy@yahoo.com
Phone: 603-969-4649
Region: Seacoast
Evaluator, Orton Gillingham tutor

Dave Rhoads
Email: dbrhoads@gmail.com
Phone: 603-978-1594
Region: Southern NH and online
Evaluator and math tutor

Sarah Rice, M.Ed.
Email: learnwithrice@gmail.com
Phone number: 717-823-7413
Region: Seacoast and Lakes Region
Evaluator, proctor, and tutor

Jeffrey A. Richards
Lost in the Woods Homeschool Evaluator
Email: autism65@gmail.com
Phone number: 603-444-8030

Kristen Rudd
Kristen Rudd website
Email: kristenrudd@gmail.com
Region: online

Sarah Sallade
Growing Home LLC
Email: sarah.growinghome@gmail.com
Phone: 802-424-0486
Region: northern NH and online
Evaluator and other services

Pierina Santos-Margaritov
Honest Learning
Email: teach@honestlearning.org
Region: Nashua and online

Leigh Schick (Tellier)
Email: leighannsea@gmail.com
Phone number: 603-601-6112
Region: Seacoast
Evaluator, proctor, and tutor

Jessicah Seaman
Email: ajseaman@myfairpoint.net
Region: Derry and local area

Diane Slyman
Email: disly65@gmail.com
Phone number: 603-493-4841
Region: Monadnock area, New Ipswich, and online

Melissa Smithurst
Email: Smithurstfamily@gmail.com
Phone number: 978-852-1677
Region: greater Sandown, NH
Evaluator gr 1 to 8

Ellen Stanley
Email: ellen@createyourownhappiness.com
Phone number: 207-266-3784
Region: anywhere online, southern ME
Evaluator, tutor, special education, consultant

Barbee Sullivan
Email: beeteacherabe@gmail.com
Phone number: 603-716-4975
Evaluator, proctor, and tutor

Paula Thole
Solomon Tutoring
Email: solomontutor15@gmail.com
Phone number: 603-818-9956
Region: greater Epping area

Megan Thompson
Email: megthompsoned@gmail.com
Phone: 603-630-8148
Region: Carroll County and Lakes Region
Evaluations, proctor, tutor, specializes in elementary spec ed

Nicole Tobey
Email: tutoringbynicole@hotmail.com
Region: Milford and surrounding areas
Language arts, math, and study skills for Kindergarten through 6th grade

Trivium Academy
Email: lp.tutoring@protonmail.com
Region: Weare and online
Math, natural science, writing and rhetoric, philosophy, Latin

Allison Wasson
Email: awasson1024@gmail.com
Phone number: 603-767-5301
Region: Seacoast

Katie Webster
Email: katie03076@yahoo.com
Phone Number: 603-635-2086
Region: Southern NH
Evaluator and tutor

Jeff Wester
Email: wester.j@protonmail.com
Phone number: 603-991-8576
Region: Merrimack County and beyond
Evaluator, tutor, proctor