Federally Funded Programs End in September 2024

Two programs available to NH families through the Department of Education via federal grants will end as of September 30, 2024. GSHE is sharing this information knowing that many homeschoolers make enrollment choices months in advance.


Recovering Bright Futures Program with Prenda

The Recovering Bright Futures program will cease operation effective September 30, 2024. Prenda pods may continue to operate independently, with or without the Prenda curriculum, after this date at the family’s expense. Contact them directly for information, enrollment options, and costs.

Connecting Bright Futures Program with KaiPod Learning

The funding for Connecting Bright Futures Program with KaiPod Learning ends on September 30, 2024. Students must be enrolled on or before that date in order for the fees to be covered by the federal grant. After that date, families are responsible for all tuition and fees. They currently have locations in Dover, Manchester, and Nashua.

KaiPod is encouraging families to apply for the Education Freedom Account (EFA) program once the federal funding ends. Note that full-time Virtual Learning Academy Charter School (VLACS), non-public, public (district and charter), and home educated students who apply for the EFA would change their student's enrollment status because the EFA is a separate education option per NH law. Refer to the GSHE page on Education Pathways for details.


Two additional programs funded by federal grants are no longer available: Lexia literary training and Tutors.com.

GSHE has an extensive list of free programs and additional tips and resources to help make homeschooling more affordable.