Home educated students can benefit from offerings at their local schools. Per NH statute RSA 193:1-c, they may participate in curricular and cocurricular activities offered at their local public schools such as sports, music, theater, dances, volunteer activities, and statewide testing. The districts’ policies must not be more restrictive for homeschoolers than it is for the general student population. In other words, if public school students must maintain a particular GPA, provide a health certificate, or sign an honor code to participate in sports, home educated students must meet the same requirements. This is another reason to maintain year-end assessments and records in case they are needed for course placements or fulfilling other enrollment criteria.

If home educated students enroll in curricular or co-curricular programs at their local high schools, they will be assigned a Unique Pupil Identifier in the Statewide Longitudinal Data System (SLDS). This is a massive student database that may be shared with third-party organizations.