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Welcome to Granite State Home Educators - we're glad you found us! We are an all-volunteer statewide grassroots organization created to support and empower parents who wish to actively direct their children's education through homeschooling. All are welcome -- prospective, current and retired home educators! Become a member by either subscribing to our monthly newsletter (box at the right of your screen) or joining our Facebook group. It is intended to be an interactive place for home educators to share educational and fun events, ask questions, and generally come together as a community.

Please contact us at info@GraniteStateHomeEducators.org if you have questions or want more information. Thank you!


We believe in empowered families.

Parents are the natural and rightful authority to guide their children.


We believe in families' rights to direct their children's education.

Homeschooling is the ultimate application of parental engagement and families directing their children's education.


We believe in the power of community.

When people of like-mind come together, great things happen! Granite State Home Educators strives to help make these connections and to represent this vision to the broader NH community.