Homeschooling is growing across the country and in New Hampshire. This means that there are many educational and networking resources available for families; parents don’t have to recreate the wheel or go it alone. Many experienced homeschoolers are happy to share their resources and coordinate learning opportunities.

Below are some organizations that provide services to homeschoolers and support groups. These groups can facilitate connections to other homeschoolers in the local area as well as those that share a similar educational approach or focus.

GSHE Affiliated Facebook Groups

Families Helping Families -- Specifically for families who have children with special needs, not just for homeschoolers!

Granite State Home Educators -- Our primary page for supporting home educators around the state.

Granite State Home Educators Marketplace -- Our group that brings together buyers and sellers of homeschool resources.

GSHE Unexpectedly Homeschooling -- A group to support families dealing with remote learning and exploring educational options.

GSHE Homeschool Pod Connections -- A group to help bring together families looking to form home-based learning communities such as homeschool pods and microschools.

Local Homeschool Learning Groups and Co-Ops

BigFish Learning Community
Boomerang Book Club - seacoast, NH
Classical Conversations - multiple locations
The Classical Co-Op - Westford, MA
First Agape - Auburn NH
Gear Up Homeschoolers - Warner, NH
Hillsborough County Co-op
The Journey Teen Homeschool Group -- Townsend, MA
Krystal Ballroom Teen Group – Hampton Falls, NH
Lancaster (NH) Homeschoolers
Latitude Learning Resources - Manchester, NH
Lighthouse Homeschool Co-op - Loudon, NH
Monadnock Homeschool Co-op
New Horizons Homeschooling - Windham, NH
NH Coastal Co-Op - Exeter, NH
Pembroke Homeschool Writing Club
Rockingham County Co-Op
Trailblazers Learning Cooperative (TLC) - Chichester, NH
Voyagers - N. Chelmsford MA
WeAre Home Educators - Weare, NH


Homeschool Social Media Groups - statewide unless noted otherwise

Central NH Homeschoolers
Chocorua Area Homeschoolers
Christian Home Educators NH/S. ME
Concord Area Homeschoolers
Concord Elementary Homeschool Group
Concord NH Secular Homeschoolers
Fremont Area Homeschoolers
Girl Code of Southern New Hampshire Teen Homeschool Group
Greater Derry Homeschoolers
Greater Nashua Homeschoolers
Hampstead Homeschool Gym
Hillsborough, NH Homeschoolers
Homeschooling Families of Seacoast
Homeschooling in Chester NH
Lakes Region Homeschoolers
LGBTPQ New Hampshire Homeschool Group
Manchester NH Homeschoolers
Monadnock Area Homeschooling Families
Monadnock Homeschoolers
Monadnock Homeschool Theater Group
North Country Adventures in Homeschooling (north of Lancaster)
New Hampshire Homeschooling Rotating Recess
New Hampshire Homeschool Teen Meet-up
NH Homeschoolers
NH Teens (on Discord)
North Country Homeschoolers
Plymouth Area Homeschooling!!!
Raymond NH Homeschoolers United
Relaxed Homeschoolers of New Hampshire
Seacoast Teens
Southern New Hampshire Tween & Teen Social Circle
Sullivan County Area Homeschoolers, Sullivan County NH
Unschooling NH
Upper Valley NH/VT  Christian Homeschool/Remote Learners
UV NH/VT Homeschool Adventures
White Mountain Home Educators


Statewide Organizations

Catholics United for Home Education (CUHE-NH)
Catholics United for Home Education is a statewide association of Catholic homeschool families and homeschool graduates founded in 1989. They are unique as a Catholic homeschool group in NH because they reach out throughout the granite state. They provide a voice for Catholic homeschoolers in Concord, protecting our freedom to educate our children at home and keep members up to date on NH homeschool bills and changes in law. They support each other in their shared faith and homeschooling efforts. Their board is 100% volunteer and seeks to serve members out of love for God.

Classical Conversations (CC)

Classical Conversations is committed to helping you be a great educator all the way through high school! Our programs cover K-4-12th grade. The Foundations program will bring community, structure, and accountability to your homeschool. Science experiments, art, and music are just a few of the subjects we study together. Gain confidence as you and your 4th-6th grade students enjoy learning language structure, writing, and mental math games to sharpen their calculation speed and accuracy in our Essentials program. Develop your middle school and high school student’s ability to reason and defend their beliefs through facilitated discussions with their peers in the Challenge program. Being part of a community gives you access into a host of benefits including equipping sessions, testing, transcripts, college application help and more! They have multiple communities across New Hampshire with local coordinators who may be contacted for more information. They also have a Facebook page for New England. For more information, contact Area Representative Maria Chamberlain at

Granite State Home Educators (GSHE)
GSHE is a registered 501c4 charity and all-volunteer grassroots organization that believes in empowered families, families’ rights to direct their children’s education, and in the power of community. Membership is free and open to all including prospective, current, and retired home educators. Members receive monthly newsletters that include announcements for classes and events, relevant legislative updates, and information to support their home education journeys. We have an exceptionally active and engaged community with over 2,000 members on our Facebook group where families share educational and fun events, ask questions, and come together as a community. We host special events throughout the year including a Not-Back-To-School Picnic and spring art show. We also host a marketplace on Facebook for families to buy, sell, and trade used homeschool materials.

Home Education Advisory Council (HEAC)
HEAC is an advisory board, created by NH statute, comprised of some homeschool organizations, state agencies, and education associations. Their purpose is to provide a bridge for better communication and understanding of homeschooling. They meet every other month through the school year in Concord. The public is welcome to attend.

New Hampshire Homeschool Coalition (NHHC) 
Since 1989, the statewide New Hampshire Homeschooling Coalition has functioned as an important source of information for homeschoolers, with representatives from each area of the state. They support all reasons for homeschooling and are not tied to any particular method, religion or philosophy.  The NHHC publishes a monthly newsletter, The New Hampshire Home Education Guidebook, and has an active website, a Facebook page, plus a  Facebook group to join for conversation.

National Organizations

Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA)
HSLDA was founded in 1983 by two attorneys and homeschooling dads, Mike Farris and Mike Smith. Through the years, HSLDA’s primary goal has remained the same—to bring together a large number of homeschooling families so that each can have a low-cost method of obtaining quality legal defense. Today, HSLDA gives tens of thousands of families the freedom to homeschool without having to face legal threats alone. They charge a membership fee for services.

National Home Education Legal Defense (NHELD)
NHELD is a national organization that seeks to protect and defend the rights of families who wish to educate in freedom. They have three goals: empowerment of individuals, unity of purpose, and freedom to educate. They provide various services to members including informing them of federal legislation that may impact their ability to educate in freedom and empowering them with the resources to make informed decisions about the issues. They charge an annual membership fee.

GSHE is always looking to expand its lists of support groups. If you know of a homeschool group that would like to be added, please contact us at