Mom Schooling: Creating Family-Based Co-ops

GSHE was thrilled to host a discussion on family-based learning groups with two experienced homeschooling moms who have participated in this type of homeschool learning for over 20 years. They shared their collected wisdom and experience as well as practical tips for forming a family-based learning group that can be flexible and responsive to your children’s academic interests and needs, and finding friends for the kids and adults.

After seeing traditional co-ops struggle, while simultaneously seeing get togethers of kitchen-table classes led by one of the student’s moms thriving, Catie came across an article about “Mom Schools.” Catie and Meg’s local homeschool group embraced the concepts explained in the article and were soon able to take the kitchen table classes to the next level, where more classes and kids could be accommodated but without suffering from the typical co-op struggles. Today, these Mom Schools (which can be led by Dads, grandparents, or trusted friends, besides moms) have been functioning smoothly for nearly a decade and were even able to weather most of the covid-related storms.

We recorded our talk and it is available here.


Catie and Meg prepared a slide presentation, and it is available here.

For more information about small-group learning and “pods,” check out our various resources and tips for finding or creating one that is right for your family.

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