Homeschool Portraits – the Osborne Family

GSHE will periodically publish personal stories from families about their home education journeys. We hope they provide insight into the diverse and extensive community we have in New Hampshire, help prospective families get a sense of the amazing array of options available with home education, and encourage a better understanding of home education. Each story is written by the family, not GSHE, and shared with permission.

May be an image of 4 people and waterfallHome education is living school. It really is taking the best parts of your world and sharing them with your kids. Our family started on this homeschool journey at the beginning of the pandemic, but it really was just the event that tipped the scales. We have always been a family that learned by hands on living and sharing, now we have just seen the value in all that we were already doing and realizing that it was the way that our children really learn the best. Having children that can appreciate the wonders of our world and follow their interests is so important. We have taken so many family trips and now realize that more can be learned while we live in the moment and focus on what we are doing then reading things in books that don't seem to make a lasting impression on our kids. For example, our trip to Niagara falls....they learned about history in Fort Niagara, learned about power and energy at the falls, and human intuition and ingenuity on the Erie canal ...3 days in a new location and a lifetime of learning. We are so lucky to be able to share the experience with our kids!

Charleen La Rivee Osborne