The Virtual Learning Academy Charter School is New Hampshire’s online chartered public school, available to Granite State students who have not graduated yet, at no additional charge. It is part of NH’s public education system with the same standards, testing requirements, and issues a state-recognized diploma.

VLACS offers two enrollment options -- full and part-time. Full-time enrollment is considered chartered public school.  Part-time enrollment is available to many NH students, including home-ed youth. Some local districts offer VLACS as their remote learning option. Learn more about the distinctions between full-time and part-time enrollment status here as it relates to home education. VLACS is the only chartered public school that offers part-time enrollment.

VLACS often requires prospective full-time children enroll for a trial period prior to being accepted as full-time students. During this time, if it occurs during the traditional school year, families need to file a home education notification to avoid truancy issues. Families may file this notification with their choice of the local SAU office, a private school that offers this service, or the NH Department of Education. The process is easy and can be found on our Where to Begin page. This is a temporary status.

Once the student is admitted to VLACS on a full-time basis, the family must inform the above education agency that the home education program is terminated. This is required when a home ed program ends so that your child is not included as an on-going home educated student.

Families who utilize VLACS as a portion of their home ed program, on a part-time basis, do not need to file the termination notice until such time that the home education program is ended or the student graduates.

Home-educated students can take up to six credits with VLACS during their July 1 to June 30 academic year.

In August 2022, we did a virtual event with a senior administrator at VLACS to learn more about their opportunities for homeschool students.