Clarifying VLACS Enrollment Options

For many years, there has been lingering confusion regarding the enrollment options and process for the Virtual Learning Academy Charter School (VLACS) as it relates to homeschooling. VLACS offers classes for students in grades Kindergarten through 12 at no cost to New Hampshire residents because it is part of the public school system.

VLACS has two enrollment categories:

Full-Time Status

  • may lead to a state-issued diploma
  • non-competitive application process
  • an advisor that works with the student
  • attendance requirements (making suitable progress on a full course load)
  • participation in the statewide assessment
  • other VLACS requirements

Part-Time Status

Students who want to enroll at VLACS cannot enroll as full-time immediately. They must go through an on-boarding process that can take as little as two weeks (if the student already has VLACS experience) but could take up to a few months. VLACS has an application process that includes taking a VLACS class, demonstrating success with online learning, and other application requirements. During this time, families may continue as a “student of record” with their current school or file a home education notification.  This process is explained on our Where to Begin page.

When the student is officially welcomed with full-time standing, the family needs to officially terminate their home education program.

Students may take any number of VLACS classes as a part-time student. This standing does not lead to a state-issued diploma, but allows more flexibility with attendance and progress through courses. These students do not have an advisor and are not required to participate in the statewide assessment. If the student is a homeschooler, then the family is required to meet the simple requirements for home education found in RSA 193-A and Ed 315. Homeschoolers self-certify the completion of high school for graduation.