Building Community

Many new(er) homeschoolers struggle to meet people, and it is usually because they don't extend themselves a bit. A little tough love here, my friends. Community is what you make of it. Unlike traditional school environments where our kids are with a cohort of more-or-less the same kids for their entire school year for several years, homeschoolers have the freedom to find and create their own "tribe." That requires some of us to get our of our comfort zones a bit.

Consider hosting a winter scavenger hunt, invite folks to your favorite sledding hill, host a winter Nerf battle or a cookie-making party. Do something to meet new people. Create an event in our main group with nearly 6,700 members to do something fun! You and the kids will be glad for the effort.

Local libraries are usually eager to work with homeschooling families. Reach out to them to help host activities and events such as game days, craft activities, book clubs, or something else of shared interest.

Are you looking for connections for your pre-teen or teen? GSHE has 17 local and interest groups on our Support Groups page that are specifically for them!! Get out there and meet new people and make friends!

We are again issuing our Make New Friends Challenge as we head into the new year. We rolled it out a couple times and think it's worth repeating as so many people indicate they're not sure where to find new friends or feel isolated. We have tips and practical steps to help you meet new people and make friends in the coming year.