Curriculum Tips — Make It Work For You

"Make the curriculum work for you!" I say this a LOT! Here is an example from our homeschool:

My 13b struggles to write, especially when he is forced to. It's a very negative experience, causes anxiety and frustration for him. He has a mild form of dysgraphia.

He was assigned an essay on "Optimism" and our curriculum walks him through the steps. He was unhappy immediately, and even after we sat together and brainstormed ideas, he was still quite upset. I set him up on the computer and looked up ideas with him.

No sugar-coating it here, he was on the verge of a meltdown! I told him to take a break, go outside. This picture is what he had written after 1/2 hour. 😂😭

He comes back in, I ask him if he'd like to change the topic to something he is interested in. He says he'll think about it.

A while later, he comes back with a stack of books. "Mom, can I write my essay on Boba Fett?"

"Yes, yes you can." (Boba Fett is a Mandalorian bounty hunter from Star Wars.)

He sat and happily began writing down ideas.

*Make the curriculum work for you.*

Why force him to write, damage the relationship, and end up with poor work hours later? Make accommodations to the curriculum like reducing the quantity of writing, allowing oral answers, or typing. You are not beholden to any curriculum!

At dinner: "Hey Dad, I'm going to know more than you about Boba Fett."

This is a homeschooling win!


By Amanda Weeden