Finding Peace in a Stressful World

I don’t know anyone who isn’t dealing with increased stress and anxiety this year. 2020 is one for the ages.

Finding joy may be particularly difficult this year; it is for me. So, I’ve been making a particular effort to search for the little things of life to find peace and comfort, even if joy is more elusive.

I recently learned of a Scandinavian concept called hygge. It is a mood or way of living that is focused on comfort, contentment, and coziness. It is not about buying more stuff or a fashion style, and more about a feeling and attitude.

This sounds perfect to me.

If the anxiety of the year or holiday season are getting to you, consider finding the peace in simple things that bring coziness and relaxation to your every day. Listen to holiday music; read a book aloud as a family; watch a movie or play a game with the kids; have a family dinner by candlelight. Find ways to slow down and create quiet moments that bring contentment to your day.

As homeschooling parents, we are often juggling multiple responsibilities that are 24/7. Self-care and solitude are often elusive. Maybe hygge is a way to find it in another form.

The holidays may be a perfect opportunity to take a break from the usual homework and deschool or unschool for a while, and explore hygge.

What are ways you can slow down and bring peace to your daily life?

Here are articles about a hygge lifestyle: Hygge House, Yale Daily News, A Lovely Year, and  Scary Mommy.

From all of us at Granite State Home Educators, we wish you and your families health, peace, and love in the coming year.


By Michelle Levell