GSHE Focuses on Traditional Home-Education Families

Granite State Home Educators is an all-volunteer 501c4 nonprofit statewide 193-A home-education support group. This means we focus on traditional/unfunded homeschooling families and issues. Our mission is to empower families, support families’ rights to direct their children’s education, and build community.

To accomplish our mission, GSHE…

  • Maintains an unaffiliated, independent status so we can be objective to put our community first.
  • Developed and manages a massive website with information and curated resources.
  • Created a large video library to make our materials broadly accessible.
  • Hosted nearly four dozen in-person intro to homeschooling events across the state.
  • Encourages members in their home-education journeys.
  • Serves as an intermediary to help families find and connect with education providers and options.
  • Hosts numerous social opportunities – in-person and virtual - including our annual Not Back to School picnic, teen dances, holiday parties, art shows, Spirit Week activities, reading challenges, and more.
  • Creates, builds, and manages seven different social media groups to help find your “tribe.”
  • Works with families privately to respond to their homeschool needs and questions.
  • Advocates for home-education freedom with op-editorials and legislative efforts.

We welcome all who support home education and keep families informed on news, opportunities, and issues that impact our community. However, it is beyond our scope to promote or defend other educational pathways or government-sponsored programs. GSHE does not oppose these options; we are neutral, and neither support nor defend them. It is for families to decide what is best for themselves.

If your family utilizes various government-sponsored options such as Prenda, KaiPod groups, or the Education Freedom Account, or something else, then it is up to you and the organizations affiliated with those opportunities to promote and defend them.

GSHE informs families about potential trade-offs with participating in government-sponsored programs whether it is enrolling in a Prenda pod or signing up for the EFA. It is not for GSHE to decide what is right or best for everyone and their families. Our goal is to let families know what is available to them and support informed decisions.

GSHE believes that traditional, 193-A home education is the least restricted option available to families, the furthest from government requirements and control. It is important to promote, preserve, and protect home education so families can maximize their autonomy from government interference and restrictions. We believe parents/guardians know what is best for their children and are fully capable of making decisions for their education.


What government funds, government controls.

When local, state, or federal money funds any program, they control it. They determine the eligibility, accountability mechanisms, the program’s opportunities and limitations, access to participants’ data, and all other aspects of participation. Enrolling in these government-funded programs is optional. Some families are comfortable with these opportunities and trade-offs, while others choose to not utilize them. Parents are the best people to decide what is right for their children.

However, sometimes, these programs add more controls and restrictions, and sometimes there are efforts that go beyond participants to impact others.

The 2023 return of HB 1664 (2022) intends to place a legislative target on nearly all families. It is HB 628, sponsored by Rep Linda Tanner; it does not have a public hearing scheduled yet, but should soon. HB 628 regards background checks on "providers that accept public funds" which can target any government-funded program. This bill specifically impacts families that receive the Education Tax Credit Scholarship, even though it is not funded by public funds; it is exclusively funded by donations and may be used for home education.

In discussion of the 2022 bill, members of the House Education Committee accused parents, including homeschoolers, of being "bad actors" and suspected of being child abusers. Because this bill could apply to so many government-sponsored programs and supporters of this bill spin it against parents, GSHE will closely monitor this bill.

GSHE’s role is to defend 193-A home educating families and their rights to educate their children without government interference. It is not our role to defend optional government programs.

GSHE will follow HB 628 through the legislative process and let people know when a public hearing is scheduled with the House Education Committee and any following legislative actions. In the meantime, we recommend preparing testimony and arrangements to attend the hearing or emailing your comments to the committee.


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