Homeschool Highlights – Lori Trickel

From time to time we plan to highlight various homeschoolers and groups that are doing wonderful things to support our community. To kick things off, today we are featuring Lori Trickel and many of the fabulous opportunities she hosts! In addition to her on-going bowling league, she is hosting an Easter egg hunt on April 4th and a soccer league which begins on May 1st.

Thank you, Lori, for all you do to support NH homeschoolers!

Hello Homeschool Families!

In case you aren’t familiar with my name or what I do for the homeschool community, I’m Lori Trickel and I have been running Southern NH Homeschoolers out of Derry, now Hooksett for about five years.

One of my most popular activities (and the longest running), is my homeschool bowling league! 2020 homeschool bowling league

This wonderful activity has brought so many homeschool families together, children have learned to work as a team, and most of them haven’t even bowled before! Just getting their first pin down is quite the accomplishment! It is also where my children and I made our first homeschool friends that are still in our lives to this day!

We meet every Friday at 11 AM in Manchester at Lakeside Lanes. Initially, I was only running the league for 15 weeks. Due to many requests, it now runs until June with a big award ceremony and pizza party for all who have participated.

I encourage all homeschool families to come and give it a try. Each week I am constantly seeing new faces which makes me thrilled!

I hope to see you soon!