Homeschool Nerf Club Gives Back to the Community

Every year the Homeschool Nerf Club organizes some kind of opportunity to give help the homeless across our state. The past several years, they collected gently used clothing and toiletries to help homeless and struggling families. Below is a wonderful note from Cheryl Gibbons, the homeschool mom who organizes the nerf club and this annual charitable program.

Hi Gang,

I just wanted to thank everyone, so much, for your incredible generosity last month! I didn't hear much from anyone after I announced that we were collecting for the needy so I didn't expect that we would be collecting very much this year. I brought a laundry basket and a few garbage bags and was hopeful. Well, when I left Home School Nerf Club to gather whatever had been dropped off in the lobby of the gym, I couldn't believe my eyes! Quite a few parents and kids from the club had stayed behind to help me clear the gym, (thank you so much) and they helped me load my very large van! We collected so much that we thought that I would need to come back for a second trip, but we squeezed it all in, and it hit the ceiling and filled the passenger seat as well!!!

In the end we contributed to the Homeless Resource Center, Easter Seals (impoverished children), and the Victory House (homeless veterans) . Through an advocate for the needy, we also gave to teachers who dig into their own pockets to help properly clothe children in need. This same advocate organizes the adult sized clothes into outfits and brings them directly to tent towns and hands them out to panhandlers who look cold.

A friend and I sorted and labeled everything, and talked to these angels, and decided who would best benefit from which items. All in all, we donated about 14 large garbage bags and 7 boxes of supplies, and every single thing that was donated was gratefully taken to help those in need!!

I will be thanking all the kids at Nerf Club for their great work in gathering so many things, and I wanted to thank the parents as well!!!  Bless you all, for your kind generous hearts!!!

We will do this again next year, so if you have a bag in a closet somewhere that you can continue to collect in, it would be great to have a lot to give next year as well!!! So good for the kids to be a part of the joy of giving and helping, so encouraging them to make this a project of their, reaching out to grandparents and friends, is wonderful for everyone involved!! Thank you again to all who gave!!!! Once again, homeschoolers making the world a better place!!!

~ Cheryl