Homeschoolers Host a Mystery Dinner

Who says homeschool kids don't have an active and rich social life? In early April, a group of families organized a Murder Mystery Dinner and were transported back to the roaring 1920s. What a fun idea!

This write-up is by one of the student participants.

On April 14, eleven kids gathered at Croydon town hall, arrayed in all the finery of a decade long past.

Upon entering the building, the group found themselves not modern day kids, but famous movie stars, novelists, poets, and directors at a classy soirée from the 1920s. Their aim; to solve the mystery of the dark death of time traveler H. G. Wells, and find out who among them was the murderer.

“My favorite part was being in costume,” says Audrey (14), “I loved playing the part of Agatha Christie, she wrote my all my favorite murder mystery novels, plus she has a great accent!”

My mom worked so hard to build a full-on classy soirée from the 1920s, and it turned out great!