Hot Topic — Homeschooling Must-Haves

We will occasionally share content of hot topics discussed in our GSHE Facebook group (while preserving people's privacy). One mom asked "What are your must-haves as a homeschooling parent?"

Patience... oh, and a full refrigerator or two!

Mamma juice -- lots of it! (Pick your poison.)

HP instant ink! 

Wine, lots of neuroscience and Montessori readings.

A community of fellow homeschoolers.



Fellowship, lots of chocolate, coffee, and loud music for dance parties when things get to be too much.Community!
A vision for what your "why" is. When it gets tough and it will, you will need to fall back on that. Also flexibility.



Resources on speed dial!

Portable work caddies for each child.

Homeschool mom friends.

Bookshelves, books, and more bookshelves. Board games and a library card.

Flexibility, patience, lots of books, and coffee.

A commitment and routine for self-care.

A sense of humor and a constant reminder that you are doing great!


Internet access, my external video adapter, lots of computer paper, pens, pencils, dry erase board, dry erase calendar, and 3- ring binders.

An easy-to-use curriculum that is set and ready to go each day without any prep from me.

#1 is bookshelves and a BIG wall calendar and whiteboard, plus a collection of great reference books.