Prax Museum Weekend: A Pop-Up, Hands-On, Kid-Made Science Center

On a beautiful mid-September weekend, the Praxeum in Dover was transformed into Prax Museum: A Pop-Up, Hands-On, Kid-Made Science Center. Throughout the summer, the families of Prax Village Homeschooling Community created and tested their exhibits to prepare or Prax Museum Weekend. We invited our friends, family, and fellow homeschoolers to explore physics, chemistry, light, electricity and other amazing natural phenomena by interacting with dozens of exhibits and demonstrations.Popular exhibits included the impressive full-room pinhole camera, the Bernoulli blower, colorful shadows, and tricky goggles that turned the world backwards and upside down — but every single exhibit was an opportunity to play with science and make memories together.To find out more about Prax Village, visit our website or our Facebook page.