Pre-annoyed in the Dead of Winter

Even in the best of times, pre-Covid and absent of the current political tension, winter - particularly January and February, and after the joyous season has been packed away - can feel never-ending. The snow is dirty, the days are short and parents can often feel “burnt-out”. I also refer to this seasonal glum feeling as “pre-annoyed”. Our fuses might be a bit short and the slightest annoyance is suddenly a provocative irritant.

As homeschool parents, our intentions are always good. There are days, though, that no matter how good are intentions might be, we aren't functioning at 100% or feeling overly happy or even content.

Also as homeschool parents, we want to exhibit our “best”.  It's important, though, to let children know that anger, let-downs, funky moods, and plain old sadness, or melancholia, are human emotions just as much as happiness is. It's equally important that we, as parents, know how to deal with our own feelings first, such as anger so that we, in turn, can demonstrate how to deal with unpleasant feelings.

But how exactly do we do that? Take a look at Anger Management Strategies for some ideas.

Remember what Annie sang...
The sun'll come out
So you gotta hang on
'Til tomorrow
Come what may

I love ya


By Lauren Lawless