Recovering Bright Futures Discussion with Commissioner Edelblut

GSHE was honored to host another virtual event with Commissioner Frank Edelblut, this time to discuss the department’s new Recovering Bright Futures program with learning pods on April 28, 2021.

The Commissioner explained that many districts are trying to cope with learning loss from the pandemic. A federal grant was awarded to New Hampshire to support student learning and the department is partnering with Prenda, a microschool that is already in multiple states.

Learning pods are something of a retro learning model, much like the old time one-room schoolhouse, with students in multi-age groups and smaller settings.

Recovering Bright Futures will support students in grades K through 8 beginning with the 2021-22 school year and be available through districts and communities across the state. The pods are open to students enrolled in any of NH’s local district public schools and homeschoolers. All students will follow the Prenda program that is aligned to state standards and participate in statewide testing. Only district-based pods will include special education supports.

Families may reach out to the department at their new website,, for more information, to apply, and to encourage their local districts to make learning pods available. The department’s FAQ also has details about the initiative. Families may also reach out to Prenda directly through their website specifically for NH and Facebook page.



GSHE had the pleasure to talk with Commissioner Edelblut twice in summer 2020 about microschools and learning pods. You can find videos of these discussions here and here.