School Choice for New Hampshire issues annual Legislator Report Cards based on the year’s roll call votes to provide direct accountability of individual Representatives and Senators. As of 2018, we also issue Candidate Report Cards based on their answers to our survey.

School-choice votes are not limited to only those that involve where a child may be educated; that is the narrowest definition of school choice. It also pertains to the funding mechanisms that empower choice, who has the authority make those decisions, and other issues that impact educational opportunities, diversity, and innovation. School choice also encourages accountability to families and empowers them to direct their children’s education. Our annual Report Cards reflect this broader view of educational opportunities.

School Choice for New Hampshire is a 501c4 non-profit that believes every child deserves an opportunity for an education that fits his or her unique needs. We inform, engage, and empower families, community leaders, and concerned citizens with educational opportunities that benefit children in our state as well as efforts that may expand or restrict these options. We are non-partisan and not affiliated with any political party. We also do not endorse candidates, but hope our Report Cards are informative tools for evaluating legislators and holding them accountable.