Year-End Assessment Waiver Announced

This morning the NH Department of Education announced that the annual year-end assessment requirement is waived for homeschoolers for the 2019-2020 school year. The state received a waiver from the federally mandated statewide assessment for public schools and students; now it is extended to homeschoolers for the current academic year in keeping with NH executive order #38.

The waiver is available here.

Families need to print a copy of the waiver and keep it in the portfolio for a minimum of two years, as required by statute.

The Home Education Advisory Council (HEAC) sent a unanimous request to the Commissioner late last week for a blanket waiver given the financial and other hardships many have experienced due to the Covid-19 closures. Read about HEAC's efforts re the year-end assessment here.

Even though this year’s assessment is waived, families may choose to conduct some type of annual assessment for other reasons.

  • Gauge the child’s learning progress, feedback for making adjustments for the coming year.
  • As a memento of the child’s year of learning.
  • Give the child experience with standardized tests, practice it as a skill.
  • Provide another data point or as a requirement for admission to schools or class providers.
  • As part of shared parenting agreements.

If families choose to conduct a year-end assessment, there are numerous options:

a) a standardized test of the family's choice;

b) an evaluation done by the teacher of the family's choice; or

c) an alternative that the Participating Agency agrees to that reflects the student's work.

Remember, the options remain private and do not need to be submitted, and there is no specific due date as families determine when their academic year ends.

To learn more about NH’s annual assessment options, read more here.