Yes, Homeschoolers Attend Dances

GSHE was proud to sponsor a semi-formal dance for homeschooled teens earlier this month. Paige Eden Savell and a few other GSHE parents organized the event from start to finish.

This past August a homeschool mom friend and I were talking about activities that our 13-year-olds wanted. The resounding answer was a teen ONLY dance. After multiple family style dances (which are awesome and I highly suggest doing them), they really wanted that quintessential teen experience and as homeschoolers, we need to create the community we want for our children.

Once I found the Hampshire Hills Athletic Club in Milford and their amazing coordinator Lindsay, the planning was smooth sailing. Having never planned anything like this before, I was incredibly nervous but figured it out as I went along. We ended up selling out (and adding a few extra tickets) so that 88 teens could attend. They had a blast dancing and cheering for each other with DJ Patrick from Twisted Vines Events.

All of the teens were so respectful of the space and each other; even the staff came to me after to remark how amazing the kids behaved. One staff member said he was nervous about an event with 88 teenagers, but that our kids were awesome and he would love to host us again. I was so proud of our community.

Now on to planning our next dance at Hampshire Hills in February with a Valentines theme! Keep an eye out for the event coming this week on the GSHE Facebook group!


By Paige Savell