You Asked – You Got It

Granite State Home Educators has welcomed a few hundred new members this month alone, and more are joining us each week! Many families are exploring options, and others are confident that home education is the right fit for the coming school year.

To help you prepare, GSHE prepared two new videos.

The first video is a discussion that compares and contrasts remote learning and homeschooling. This is particularly beneficial to families who are making the switch due to the spring 2020 school closures, and those who are undecided for the 2020-2021 academic year.




We also have a video about “deschooling,” the shift from a more traditional learning environment to home education. It is filled with several tips for students and parents for this important transition time.



You can watch the rest of our Intro to Homeschooling video series at our YouTube channel. We hope these videos are beneficial!


By Michelle Levell