Passion Project Event

GSHE likes to highlight some of the wonderful opportunities and events local homeschool groups host. Not only is it incredible to see what our kids are learning, it is great to share this with the broader community so they can get a little peek into the awesomeness that is NH homeschooling.

This is a little view into a Passion Project Fair recently organized by the Sullivan County NH/Windsor County VT and Upper Valley Homeschoolers groups. Enjoy!!

On February 20th, the Sullivan County NH/Windsor County VT homeschoolers joined forces with the Upper Valley Homeschoolers and hosted a Passion Project Fair. Students of all ages and neurodiversities created a project, or presentation to share with their peers. We had nearly 30 students share their passions - from Pokemon to Crochet, Latin Verbs to Slime Making, Sketching to Zodiac Signs. It was amazing to see the varying interests we have in our community, and even more amazing to see our youth hype each other up over their projects. A few of our older youth even snuck business advertisements into their presentations - budding entrepreneurs. This will certainly be an annual event!


By Jenn Spelas