GSHE Wants to Hear from You

Every homeschooling parent was a newbie at one time and benefited from the involvement and expertise of more experienced homeschoolers. Paying it forward to the next wave of homeschoolers is how we grow and prosper as a community.  GSHE is fortunate to have former homeschool parents who still take an active role in supporting current families, taking the time to share their experiences and words of encouragement. Few members realize that the day-to-day responsibility of caring for the GSHE network of 14,000 members is done by only four individuals. GSHE’s leadership team is comprised of volunteers who have a passion and commitment to homeschooling that goes beyond our own families to assist thousands of others across the state each day. 

The range of services and support GSHE offers is unparalleled in NH and across the country. I am in over two dozen homeschool support groups in NH and another dozen that are national, and without reservation I believe GSHE is something special.

However, our leadership team needs help. These four individuals – Amanda, Abigail, Karen, and I – cannot continue to operate at this high level without more support, so we need to make some changes. 

That’s why we need your feedback.

Attached is a survey that will help us identify where to focus our efforts going forward. The settings are designed to be easy and we don’t even ask for an email.


We will keep the survey open through the end of March, so there is plenty of opportunity to participate.

Thank you for your time and thoughtful responses.


By Michelle Levell