2021 National School Choice Week

National School Choice Week is an annual celebration of educational opportunities and this year’s festivities run January 24th through 30th.

It’s a wonderful time to highlight all the various options families have to obtain the right “fit” education for their children, whether it is district or chartered public schools, private schools, magnet schools, online programs, or home education.

Granite State Home Educators is thrilled that home education doubled across New Hampshire from 2019 to 2020, and we continue to see more families explore this option.

Home education is a customized learning plan specifically geared to each child’s individual needs and goals. It is family-directed and allows tremendous flexibility to use any resource and change at any time.

To learn more about homeschooling in New Hampshire, take a look Granite State Home Educators website – it has extensive resources and information including over a dozen videos, discounts and free resources, information about educational and social events, ways to connect with other families across the state, and a monthly e-newsletter.

Back in 2017, we compiled dozens of photos from members that highlight the variety of resources home educated students use for their learning. It shows that for homeschoolers, learning is not confined to a particular place or time – the world is their classroom! Enjoy this throw-back video!



By Michelle Levell