HEAC Continues After the Holidays

The Home Education Advisory Council (HEAC) will have their bi-monthly meeting on January 28, 2021 starting at 3:30pm via Zoom. Registration is available through this link and the public is welcome to attend.

Meeting ID:  956 8193 5821

Passcode: 915437

They last met on November 19th and discussed two important issues to the homeschool community: the latest efforts on Ed 315, the rules governing home education, and the flawed NH School Board Association policy. A summary of their discussion is available here, along with a video of the meeting. Both issues will be discussed and updated at the January meeting.

Since HEAC last met, GSHE also collaborated with the School District Governance Association to provide an alternative policy re home education. Read about our effort here.

The NH Department of Education released preliminary home education student enrollment just prior to the holidays. The enrollment figures are those new homeschooling children who notified the various Participating Agency options across the state: their local public-school districts, the Department of Education, and private schools that offer this service. The NH DOE’s report shows an increase that more than doubled from the 2019-2020 school year to the current academic year. Read more about this information and what it means to NH homeschoolers here.

The contact information of HEAC members can be found here.


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By Michelle Levell