Senate Version of EFA Bill Scheduled

The senate just released their version of the universal Education Freedom Account bill, SB 130. It has a public hearing on Tuesday, March 2 starting at 9:00am. It is essentially a twin bill to HB 20 as introduced in the House, and as such, needs the same fix. It needs to create a specific and clear separation of this new fourth way to satisfy education attendance law and allow a student to exit the EFA program for private or home ed, not only public education.

Here is a summary of HB 20 along with a brief video. It is just as applicable for SB 130.

Please consider signing in on the bill; here is the link for Senate hearings.

If you want to send an email with written testimony to the Senate Education Committee, their emails are as follows. If you wish to submit written remarks, specify that you want it included in the bill’s permanent record. Your email can be a repeat of what you sent to the House Education Committee, if you wish.


We have more information re how to navigate the remote hearings in our GSHE article, How to Testify in 2021.


Next Steps

The Senate Education Committee may hold an executive session to discuss and vote on the bill at any time once the hearing is closed. If you intend to submit a position or provide oral or written testimony, time is critical.

GSHE does not have a position either universal EFA bill, HB 20 nor SB 130, because we believe families should make a decision for themselves whether or not they support, oppose, or are neutral on the bills. We provide this additional background and analysis so families can make a fully-informed decision whether these programs may be a good fit for them or not. We will continue to monitor the progress of the EFA bills as they move through the legislature.

GSHE’s articles on the EFA bills are here for your consideration.

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Stay Informed

Granite State Home Educators has a Facebook group, GSHE Action, specifically to discuss issues, legislation, and news related to homeschool freedom. It is intended to be a group for GSHE members who share our beliefs in empowered families, parents’ rights to direct their children’s education, and the power of community.


By Michelle Levell

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