A Homeschool Entrepreneurs Dream Come True!

This story begins many years ago with a little girl in a pink leotard with her eyes set on the stage. Beth Ellis began dancing classical ballet at the age of 4. It was very clear from a young age that she was very focused and had big dreams. At age 10, she was dancing in multiple studios to receive training in various styles of dance. Her dreams of dancing professionally, and someday owning a studio, were growing large. When she was 13 everything changed, Beth was given a student teaching job. Beth was teaching young children the love of ballet, and that’s when her teaching heart began to beat. She continued her professional training, but now with the goal to someday teach dance, and owning her own school.

At the age of 15 Beth decided that the following summer, she would go to Las Vegas and receive training to be a certified dance teacher. Her life-long friend Benji Robichaud also had a passion to teach, as well as a dream of one day owning a dance school. Together they made plans for the summer not knowing what would happen in the months before they would go. Through the years, Beth and Benji had both been traveling to large dance schools to receive training, and they both attended a small Ballet school together in Milton, NH taught by an amazing teacher and mentor, Debs Grammatic.

In the spring before they would leave for Vegas, Miss Debs decided to leave this small school of 20 students. And rather than closing it, offered to give it to Beth and Benji, who were shocked, excited, and a little scared. At ages 16 and 18, could they start a business? They started the wheels turning, filing their LLC paperwork and the journey began!

Ballet to Broadway Dance officially opened their doors in September 2018, offering many styles of dance from ballet to tap, and jazz to hip hop. They now have over 50 students and have plans to expand. Beth is planning to attend Acro-Dance teacher training this summer and Benji plans on receiving his Zumba certification.

Watching their dreams come true with their hard work and dedication has made this mom's heart swell!

Some fun things Benji and Beth have done as part of their homeschool curriculum are: taking financial classes, as well as accounting, entrepreneurial, physical science and herbal medicine classes.Together, they enjoy teaching their love of dance with the people of rural New Hampshire.

Both Benji Robichaud and Beth Ellis have been homeschooled from the beginning, Benji graduated in 2018 and Beth will graduate in 2020.

Enroll for classes and meet the owners at: www.BalletToBroadwayDanceNH.com.