Alternative College Exams

Increasingly parents are turning to home education to avoid the standardization of learning with Common Core State Standards, also called College and Career Readiness Standards. This is an informative article written by School Choice for NH about how to avoid CC in the college admission process.

Alternative College Exams

A major reason why Common Core is a threat to school choice is that the aligned high-stakes tests may drive curriculum choices for public and private schools as well as home education programs. Prospective college students face competitive entrance requirements and now the standard admission tests – the SAT and ACT – are aligned to Common Core. It is not surprising that top private schools and ambitious homeschoolers may be pressured to adopt these controversial standards to appeal to top universities.

As of March 2016 the SAT converted to Common Core (aka College and Career Readiness) standards; the ACT is already closely aligned. The change has been harshly criticized because Common Core is focused on high school standards and not considered a predictive measure of college success. Consequently, more colleges are abandoning these traditional admission exams.

There are two alternative tests emerging to evade Common Core’s pressures to conform.

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