Education Bills — Schedule Update

Tuesday, Feb 18, 2014

8:00am  Subcommittee Work Session on HB 1393, relative to tuition payments for students attending a chartered public school in the student’s district of residence

9:00am  Subcommittee Work Session on HB 1262, relative to student assessment data privacy and HB 1496, relative to the objectivity and validity of student assessment materials

10:45am  Continued Public Hearing on HB 1432, delaying implementation of certain statewide assessments and studying the effects of delaying implementation of certain curriculum changes in the public schools

11:30am  Continued Public Hearing on HB 1238, relative to access to assessment materials

1:00pm  Executive Session on HB 1200, HB 1212, HB 1252, HB 1298, HB 1321, HB 1447, and HB 1449


Thursday, Feb 20, 2014

9:00am  Subcommittee Work Session on HB 1587, relative to the collection and disclosure of pupil data

10:00am  Continued Public Hearing on HB 1586 and HB 1587

10:30am  Subcommittee Work Session on HB 1586, relative to student and teacher information protection and privacy

11:00am Continued Public Hearing on HB 1508, terminating state participation in the common core educational standards

2:00pm  Subcommittee Work Session on HB 1508


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

9:00am  Subcommittee Work Session on HB 1508

10:00am  Subcommittee Work Session on HB 1239, relative to the implementation of new educational standards

1:00pm  Executive Session on HB 1238, HB 1239, HB 1262, HB 1432, HB 1496, HB 1508. HB 1586, HB 1597


Please consider attending the public hearings for these important school choice, student privacy, and Common Core related bills. The House Education Committee routinely meets in room 207 of the Legislative Office Building. The committee has a small table near the front of the room where you can find that day’s bills and sign-in sheets. If you wish to give testimony, fill out a pink card. The committee appreciates having written testimony provided, but it is not required. Otherwise, you can indicate your support or opposition bills on the blue sheets.

If a public hearing is continued and you previously submitted a pink card to give testimony, you will have another opportunity to speak. However,  the House Education Committee will not accept new pink cards or signatures on the blue sheets. You may still contact the HEC with calls or emails. This is the best way to still share your opinions on any of the remaining bills that have not yet been in an executive session.

If you’re unable to attend, please consider contacting the House Education Committee. Phone calls are the most effective way to make an impact. The HEC’s email is

As the House Education Committee completes its review of the bills, they will hold executive sessions. The public may attend, but is not given the opportunity to address the committee. This is the time when the committee finalizes discussion of the bills and votes. An Inexpedient to Legislate (ITL) recommendation means that they oppose the bill. An Ought to Pass (OTP) recommendation means they support the bill. Executive sessions are very helpful to find out what each Representative thinks of the bills and noting their individual votes.

The next step is for the bills to go before the full House, usually scheduled the following Wednesday. This is when it is important to contact your Representatives to either support or reject the committee’s recommendations. Legislators do not often hear from their constituents so emails, but especially phone calls, can be very effective.