Education Bills Scheduled for Week of May 15, 2017

We’re down to the final important school choice bill of the session — SB 8, one of this year’s town tuitioning (aka Croydon) bills. Not only will it clarify that these programs are legal, it will have an impact on Croydon’s appeal to the NH Supreme Court. We expect at least one amendment to be introduced, but do not have details yet. Even so, we encourage school choice advocates to continue contacting the committee urging their support.

Weekly Schedule

10:30 a.m. Executive session on pending legislation

***SB 8-FN, relative to school attendance in towns with no public schools
position — SUPPORT
information — This is the senate version of HB 557, the town tuitioning bill as originally written, that would allow small districts to make agreements with other public school districts or private schools if the grade-level is not offered in-district. This bill is a return of the Committee of Conference language of HB 1637 (2016), aka the Croydon bill, that passed the House and Senate only to be vetoed by Gov. Hassan. It clarifies existing statutes that small towns across the state that do not provide full K through 12 education in-district may enter into tuition agreements with other schools. It is consistent with RSA 194:22 and RSA 193:1. It is also in line with practices by NH districts that have tuition agreements with private schools, even some located out of state. This has the potential to impact more than 50 small school districts that currently contract with neighboring districts. For additional information, read Town Tuitioning in CroydonOptions for Small Towns, and Governor Vetoes School Choice that references the 2016 bill.

Contact Legislators

To contact the entire House Education Committee, you may send one email to Brief phone calls are most effective, but personalized emails directed to an individual are also helpful; mention if you are a constituent. Personal stories and messages are helpful.  Below is a list of the House Education Committee members’ emails for an easy copy/paste.

2021 Home Education Enrollment

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