Family Profile: Growing and Learning

Children have one opportunity for a K-12 education that fits their individual needs. Our Family Profile series features New Hampshire families that benefit from educational options. This profile comes from a family that discovered homeschooling is the perfect fit that allows them to grow and learn together.

Homeschooling meant different things to our family over the years. Our journey began 23 years ago with an invitation to a homeschool support group. We were not planning on homeschooling as we had our child in a private school where she would begin Kindergarten the following September. We knew public school was not an option for our family as public-school experiences had been horrid for my husband and I.

After attending that one meeting we were 100% on-board for a trial year.

Our trial year was so much fun that we made the commitment to homeschool grades 1 through 8! Our two children at that time thrived and it gave us the wonderful flexibility to learn and take lots of field trips. Homeschooling also gave us the opportunity to be full-time missionaries for two years with no interruption to their education.

We matured there as a family and saw our priorities change. We returned home and added to our family by five children over the next 13 years. Again, it was a seamless transition with our children’s education. As our oldest daughter approached high school, we decided to continue homeschooling 9th through 12th grades. This was a challenge for me as I dropped out of high school in 10th grade and went back in my 20s for my GED. Could I really teach my daughter all she needs for life? We were committed and found lots of help through co-ops and other homeschool moms.

My confidence has soared and although there are challenges, I no longer doubt my ability to educate my children. Homeschooling has offered some amazing opportunities for our children over the years, options like photography classes, mother’s helper jobs, robotics clubs, classical ballet, and off-season vacations.

The flexibility in our family to pursue our children’s dreams, support families in need, and just reading a good book together is what has made homeschooling a perfect fit for us.

Janet, mother of 7, ages 2 to 27