HEAC Report — January 2018

Granite State Home Educators has a representative on the Home Education Advisory Council (HEAC), Kitty Michelotti, as of January 2018. She will provide reports following each meeting to share with the community.

HEAC Report -- January 2018

The Commissioner of Education, Frank Edelblut had some very nice things to say when he stopped in at the January meeting of the Home Education Advisory Council. "Home Education is creating exceptional opportunities for homeschoolers and overall home education is doing a great job."

An interesting question came up during the meeting regarding time at school versus time at home for home schooled children. A representative on HEAC had been asked by a teacher if there were any state statues that dictated how much time a home schooled child could spend using public school resources before they were no longer considered "home schooled."

The law states: "New Hampshire Home educated students have access to public school curricular courses and cocurricular programs. “Cocurricular programs” means any activity “designed to supplement and enrich regular academic programs of study, provide opportunities for social development, and encourage participation in clubs, athletics, performing groups, and service to school and community.” New Hampshire Revised Statutes Annotated § 193:1-c.

School districts may adopt policies regulating homeschool participation, as long as the policies are not more restrictive than those governing public school students. Id."

Thanks to HSLDA for the information.