Homeschool Art Show

The second annual Granite State Home Educators art show hosted at the Marion Gerrish center in Derry was held April 13. Twenty homeschool artists participated, ages 4 through 17. These young artists treated us to sculptures made from reclaimed materials, origami creations, paintings of nature and fantasy, detailed drawings, breathtaking portraits, and literature-inspired dioramas. Cadie Madigan, age 11, used dolls as her medium of choice. She restyled their hair, made them new clothes and shoes, repainted their facial features and make-up into her very own version of doll art! Legos were used by industrious 8 year-old Brody Dauwer to create his Dream House. A pinewood derby car, made to look like the Titanic was displayed by 9 year-old Jack Glaser.

This art show is a great way for artists of all ages to showcase their hard work and get positive feedback, too. One of the most beloved parts of the art show is the brain child of local artist and homeschool mom, Beth Asaff. Each artist has an envelope with their name on it where visitors to the show can leave comments on the artwork they’ve viewed. Many patrons who come through make it a point to leave as many comments as they can, and the artists love reading every single one. Beth thought it was important that artists get to hear the comments and thoughts about their pieces, even if they weren’t able to stay at the show all day. Indeed, the best part of returning art pieces to their creators is seeing their eyes light up at the thickness of their envelopes!

Next year we are hoping the art show will have even more participants and become a real destination for the homeschool community and the greater community it exists within. Please keep next April in mind for the 3rd annual Granite State Home Educators art show! For now, please enjoy some pictures and inspiration.

By Kitty Michelotti