Homeschoolers Excel on SAT

This is certainly no surprise to homeschoolers who have been around the block a few times. Not only are homeschoolers doing exceptionally well on college admission exams, they are often high-sought applicants at top universities! The personalized education and internalized devotion to learning make homeschooling a successful educational model.

Study: Homeschoolers Creaming Other Students on the SAT

Last summer, George Washington University announced that it would no longer require students to submit their SAT or ACT scores as incoming freshmen. This move was made because the university “had concerns that students who could be successful at GW felt discouraged from applying if their scores were not as strong as their high school performance.”

Some students, however, did not get off so easy. Homeschoolers, the college noted, would still have to submit their SAT scores before they could be admitted.

While such a caveat seems rather unfair, a new survey of 2014 SAT scores shows that the requirement shouldn’t be much of a hindrance to homeschool graduates.

In early June, Dr. Brian Ray of the National Home Education Research Institute released findings on how homeschool students match up against other students on the SAT exam. The results in the table below show that homeschool students are far outpacing their traditional school counterparts, particularly in the areas of reading and writing.

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