Hope for a Brighter Future

Families choose educational options for a variety of reasons. The most common are academic fit and safety. Sometimes there are other reasons why the local public school, even a good one, might not be a good fit for a child.

Jodie’s son, Sam, was hit by a car a year ago. Even after he initially recovered, Sam is suffering from chronic headaches, vision problems, and it has impacted his learning. While a very bright and engaging boy, the public school would no longer provide supports to accommodate his learning needs.

We met Jodie in late summer 2018 at one of our Intro to Homeschooling seminars because she was considering this alternative for her son. As a single-mom, she felt she needed to thoroughly research this option before the new school year. After much consideration, Jodie began Sam’s home education program this school year, and it is proving to be a wonderful experience for both mom and son!

Sam also qualifies for the Education Tax Credit scholarship program that provides for some homeschooling expenses. He is one of 413 children utilizing the scholarship this school year, and it is critically important for Jodie to provide this option for her child. Without it, she likely would not be able to continue homeschooling Sam.

Upon learning of HB 632 and other efforts to diminish or repeal the Education Tax Credit program, Jodie shared this with us:

The Scholarship Program is giving my 8-year old son the opportunity to forge ahead in his education. My son now has choices available to him where as before there was only one option. He is finally thriving!

If we focus on children and their learning, we must acknowledge the important role the Education Tax Credit program plays in the lives of our most vulnerable students. It is the only program of its kind in the Granite State that supports low-income students. Extensive research shows that poverty is a leading contributor to a range of long-term academic problems including low achievement scores, repeating a grade, and dropping out of school before graduation. If we support at-risk students, it can give them hope for a brighter future.


Defend Education Freedom

The House Ways and Means Committee will hold a public hearing on HB 632, a bill that will repeal the Education Tax Credit scholarship, on Tuesday, February 5th starting at 11:00am in room 202 of the Legislative Office Building. Please join us, and bring the kids! Even if you are able to attend the hearing, it is helpful to contact the committee ahead of time.

We have an easy-to-use tool that will send an email to the committee as well as your own state representatives. The message can be personalized for greater impact.

Phone calls can be especially effective, particularly if you share what educational opportunities mean to you and your family. Mention if you are a constituent.

A brief group email takes only moments. Their emails are below for an easy copy/paste.

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