How is Your Year Going?

Many home educating families are at the mid-way point in their school year. How is it going? Here are some suggestions for how to assess your children's progress.


Assessing Your Homeschool Year

Written by Alicia Hutchinson of Investing Love.


Okay folks! We’ve made it halfway through this year. It feels good doesn’t it, to have such a big chunk under our belts?!

Or does it?

Some of us might be feeling like we are rocking this homeschool thing. Others of us might be feeling like we haven’t gotten far enough. Maybe we feel like our progress is lacking or we need to put the nose to the grindstone right now.

And maybe we’re right.

Feeling the mid-year pressure is normal this time of year. I usually start to feel it after we return from our holiday bliss. After a couple weeks off school, the need for a return to routine is very obvious. I’m usually quite ready to get back at it. About a week or two after that, the missed spelling words and having to repeat instructions for the same math concept yet again gives me pause.

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