Musings From the Starting Line – Talk Less

I’m not one for New Years Resolutions, but I have a big one this year. I talk too much and listen too little. I also talk too much and do too little.

In my attempts to “come out of my shell” as an introvert, I went too far the other way. I felt intrusive asking questions about others, so I just blathered on and ended up oversharing - and probably boring, offending, and alienating plenty of people. Worse, after I talked about something long enough it became hard to muster the effort to actually do what I talked about.

2018 is my year of quiet. Not a year of silence, but a year of listening more than I talk and of doing more than I say.

I’ll be back once I’ve listened more, done more, and recalibrated myself. Are you doing something for you this year?

by Erica Layon