New Homeschool Support Group

A new statewide homeschool support group, Granite State Home Educators (GSHE), recently announced their launch! They are an all volunteer grassroots organization to “support and empower parents who wish to actively direct their children’s education through homeschooling.” They welcome prospective, current and retired home educators.granite-statehome-educators-2

They have extensive information already compiled on their website including how to begin a home education program, the legal requirements, and private school Participating Agencies, as well as other support groups at the local, state, and national level.

GSHE also has a Facebook group intended to be a more interactive place for homeschoolers to share educational and fun events, ask questions, and generally come together as a community.

Membership is free and includes a periodic e-newsletter.

For more information, they can be reached at or directly through their website,, and Facebook group.