NH School District Seeks to Expand Kindergarten for Common Core Standards

The Merrimack Valley School District has announced plans to extend kindergarten from half-day to full-day, with no option for parents, as of the 2014-2015 school year. They are justifying it by claiming it will meet Common Core standards.

Dates for upcoming info sessions in the Merrimack Valley School District. Call the principal of the school for more information.
Thursday January 2nd @ 6:30pm Boscawen Elementary
Monday January 6th @ 6:30pm Penacook Elementary
Wednesday January 8th @ 6:30pm Louden Elementary
Thursday January 9th @ 6:30pm Webster Elementary
Thursday January 9th @ 7:30 pm Salisbury Elementary

Parents — require them to provide INDEPENDENT studies and proof! Ask them to provide…
1) Studies that show going from 1/2 day to FULL day kindergarten has any benefit on children.
2) Psychologists that support the standards as developmentally appropriate
3) Cost/Benefit analysis
4) Studies that show Common Core improves academic achievement

Tell them that psychologists who have testified in NY argue that these standards are developmentally INAPPROPRIATE for children. The claim that kindergarten students can “think abstractly” is not consistent with evidence or testimony by expert psychologists.


There are studies on Head Start that show evidence that these “advanced” early childhood programs do not provide lasting benefit.